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By: Karina Cerrato

For my blogs to be seen by search engines I have use the tags in which I place the common things that people would search for. For example I wrote a blog of the following title “How, according to O’Brian, does the The Party as an oligarchy differ from Nazism or Russian Communism? How does he define the role of the martyr, both in terms of The Party and the other totalitarian systems?”. In this blog I use common things from the blog title that people would normally search for like #nazis or #russanrevolution and so on. Also I would place the characters that appear on that blog like In this case #O’Brian and #Winston. The places that take place in the blog I would also place them like #ChestnutTreeCafé #VictoryMansion or #Room101



How have you used SEO and tags to help search engines locate your blog?

By: Fabyana Cardona

Getting search engines to locate our blog is not an easy thing to do. I used different tags so people can find my post. For example on the first post I did I used bigbrotherandhitler as a tag because that is what my post talks about. Also I tried to use common words so it is more easy for people to find my post. Another thing I did is that I put key words and try to write something related with the question so people could find it more easy because if I put something general then it would be more hard to find. Then when I saw we Had several followers.

imageBy: Alejandro Gonzalez The ways that I used SEO and the tags are various for example I think about various common words or phrases that people would put on google search engine about the book. Another thing is that i tagged obiously things to my blog as for example, to all my blogs i put the tags George Orwell and 1984. The last thing is that i put always more than ten tags to a blog so every blog has more than ten tags. This way of tagging had help me allot, Like 10 minutes later of publishing a blog i received two likes to that blog.

By: Monica Castro

(Question: How have you used SEO and tags to help search engines locate your blog?)

Getting search engines to locate our blog is not an easy thing to do. However, I tried to get them to notice our blog by using keywords in every post I wrote. For example, in the post I explained what “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength” means, I used the phrases from the quote a lot, because I know people who want to know the meaning of the quote will type these words into a search engine. From what I know, search engines have databases that look for common keywords in websites and then they use this to place them somewhere in the search engine (even if that is in like the 20th or 100th page of Google).

Another thing I did was to use very specific tags that people who look for a very specific topic would type into a search engine. I knew that if I only tagged #1984 or something general, then people who look for something more specific about the book wouldnt be able to find the information in our blog.

Luckily, our blog already has a some followers!  We have just about 5 followers, but I think it is a good start.

To those of you who follow our blog, thank you!