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By: Alejandro Gonzalez

The room above represents many things for Winston is a place were he can relax, sleep withouth being seen, do with Julia anything that he wants, and do anything that he wants because in other places there a TV’s with cameras seeing anything that you are doing and is been reported to the big brother party and you cant get in jail but in the room above he didn’t have that type of trouble. Another thing that this room meant to Winston is that is a place were you can remember real history that was not changed because of the party because this room had old pictures and old things and he could remember his past when he was children how confrotable the past was when the party was not still governing and winston in this room could remember the real past and the things that he was thinking about the past are correct is place were he can confirm his memory of the past is correct.image


By: Karina Cerrato

First of all the proles are the workers in which they are not part of the Oceania party of INGSOC. The proles are not watch by the party and life apart of the normal community of the party members. In the books they all are considers more humans than the party members since they can keep their own thoughts and lives. While the party members are force to be watched and monitor all day. By that they don’t have their own lives and even thoughts. Since the proles are bit monitor they aren’t arrested or send to Brainwash them in room 101. They are not force to be loyal to the party or any other. The reason for that the party have no control for them can be explain in this part of the book that says “They had held on to the primitive emotions which he himself had to re-learn by conscious effort.” They don’t have enough education it understand and comprehend the situations of the party. That’s another reason why they are not held into been force by the party, and it’s more easy to control them, rather than the people who have education might rebel by what they know.working-the-rice-fields-400


By: Fabyana Cardona

The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, by the character Emmanuel Goldstein, is the fictional book that is used as a thematic and plot element in the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1948), by George Orwell. According to Orwell’s plot, in the totalitarian society of Oceania, ruled by the seemingly omnipotent, omniscient Party, Emmanuel Goldstein (in the Party’s propaganda) is the principal enemy of the state – a former member of the Inner Party – continually conspiring against the leadership of Big Brother. Early in the story, the protagonist thinks to himself: “There were … whispered stories of a terrible book, a compendium of all the heresies, of which Goldstein was the author and which circulated clandestinely here and there. It was a book without a title. People referred to it, if at all, simply as The Book”. Winston reads two long excerpts establishing how the three totalitarian super-states – Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia – emerged from a global war, thus connecting the past and the present, and explains the basic political philosophy of the totalitarianism that derived from the authoritarian political tendencies manifested in the first part of the twentieth century. I think that I this book they don’t really know about leadership, also that they are just control by one person.



By: Fabyana Cardona

Is Winston considered a hero?

I saw Winston as a hero because he defied the corruption to the end, even though he did know or at least suspect it would end badly. In my opinion, fighting against an evil dictatorship, even if you know it’s going to end in your own death or at least something very, very bad, is more heroic than just shutting up and eating whatever you’re fed.

He broke at the end and loved Big Brother but this was due to O’Brien’s torture and mind control, he always knew this would be the outcome from his diary entries, conversations with Julia and his observations of Jones, Aaronsen and Rutherford at the Chestnut Tree Cafe. Breaking his only promise to Julia, not to betray her, was unavoidable, see his rantings after his visit to room 101, and the brief encounter with Julia when he is released, she betrayed him too, everyone betrays, this is the purpose of room 101, to remove anything you love more than the party and replace it/them with Big Brother.

He sneaks around instead of engaging in open revolt because this is the only way any dissent and subversion can take place. The reactions of people during the two minutes hate, telescreens, hidden microphones, a militarised society and scared/brainwashed spying neighbors giving you up at the first opportunity to save themselves make open revolt instantly dangerous. He took this approach because it had the potential to cause dangerous the party more effectively and because it was the only way.

By: Monica Castro

To consider whether Winston’s and Julia’s sexual activity is a political act, it is necessary to define what is such an act. A political act is an act that is to have an effect on the established social order.
winston and julia2
Winston’s and Julia’s sexual activity may not be considered a political act because they are silently evading the Party’s rules, just like breaking the law in secret. Their sexual interactions won’t have an effect on anyone else as long as no one else knows. Therefore, Winston and Julia are not affecting the social order in any way.

It may seem to Winston that his sexual activity with Julia is a political act, because he feels that he is defying the Party by proving the nonsense of it’s doctrines. Besides, he really enjoys his activity with Julia. He felt that if others experienced what he did with  Julia, they would also know that the Party is wrong and then a real change will come. But from Winston’s and Julia’s sexual activity itself, other people won’t learn anything.
winston and julia3
Julia wouldn’t probably consider her sexual activity with Winston as a political act. To her it seems natural that the Party wanted to keep you from having a good time as much as you wanted to avoid being caught. Therefore for Julia,winston and julia what the Party does or says is of no importance as long as it doesn’t interfere with her life. She isn’t doing anything in order to change what she considers unchangeable, but simply doing as she pleases whenever she can, and that involves her sexual activity with Winston.