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By: Alejandro Gonzalez

With this quotation what Winston it’s trying to say is that the hope of a country is in the proles because the proles were the only people that could destroy the big brother party and the proles were the 85% of oceania and with the 85% of the proles being against the party oceania could return again to their normal lives withouth being controlled by somebody, and having full liberty, withouth news being changed or thing being changed to favor ther party and not living in a false world instead they would live in a real world.

The dream of Winston was to live in a real world and not in a false world so the dream of winston was that the big brother party came down and dissapear and he saw that the only people that could destroy the party were the proles because the proles were not with the party and they were very united and had humanity but as winston saw the proles had to wake up and stop being affraid of the big brother party and do something about the situation and Winston had hope that one day the proles will wake up and bring down the party.

So as we saw the only way to accomplish Winston ‘s dream of bringing the party down is that the imageproles could see the strength they have and they could wake up and attack the big brother’s party. The proles being the 85% of oceania population if they could wake up they have a 99% of winning and bringing the party down. If the party comes down oceania could live again as in their past being all of them free and having liberty and living in a true world and not in a false world but the proles have to wake up. “If there is hope it lies on the proles”.


By: Fabyana Carona

In what ways can you compare Big Brother to Hitler? (Part 1)


Hitler believed in a totalitarian government, as did Big Brother. Hitler wanted to show executions on TV and Big Brother wanted to torture people with their worst fears in room 101. Hitler was the face of Germany and Big Brother was the face of Oceania. You see, Hitler wanted people to see his enemies face the consequences of disobedience while Big Brother did not want to make any martyrs. A better example from 1984 may have been the public hangings that Parsons is unable to take his children to. The slogans of the party and compare them to Hitler’s state of mind. War is peace, and its idea of a constant state of war is comparable to Hitler making an enemy of the Jewish people, so that the Germans are united against the Jewish. The other party slogans can fit in.